It always starts with a little discovery: a ruin, a historical event, a poem, a painting. During deeper researches the participants get inspired by the content. Music is composed, lyrics are written and new paintings and illustrations are developed. Read how this happens.




From places full of history


Each region of Germany has its own history, its own sagas and legends. Castles, ruins and so on invite you to discover them. But even if there is nothing left to see, a touching story can sometimes be found.


Stadtarchiv Siegburg This happened, for example, with the story of Anna Katharina Spee, who was sentenced to death in Erpel in 1631 as the so-called "Witch-Queen of Bruchhausen". In order to reconstruct her history, many historical documents were pored over during the project, including originals from the Siegburg city archive.


Thereby the place of their execution was found. Together with a local expert and with the help of the old documents, members of the project searched for the so-called "owl hole" in the Seven Hills, where the burning is said to have taken place. They followed the path that Anna Katharina and many villagers must have taken from Erpel at that time. When they finally found the place where all the specifications fit, they let it work its magic and sadness on them.


With this inspiration DRAGONTOR produced the song "The Witch". The lyrics are from Anna Katharina's perspective, as if she had said these words shortly before the burning.



From old poems


Battle of the Larks Cover Searching through old poetry books sometimes brings true treasures to light. For example, the great poet Ludwig Uhland wrote the poem "Battle of the Larks", which refers to the so-called "Lark Wars" that took place in Germany in the 15th and 16th centuries.


At that time, the free imperial city of Nördlingen fought against the Counts of Oettingen for hunting rights over the Nördlinger Ries. Larks were once hunted there by the thousands, which were considered a delicacy and a very lucrative source of income. DRAGONTOR set his poem about this last battle of 1614 to music with "Battle of the Larks" and integrated the story into the world of the Seven Hills.



From regional legends and myths


The project collects not only stories about historical facts, but also myths and legends. According to a legend, for example, it was seven giants who created the Seven Hills with their seven shovels when they dug the River Rhine deeper for the people to prevent the constant flooding. When they shook off the earth from their shovels, the Seven Hills were created.


Besides that the Seven Hills are unimaginable without the legendary dragon, who gave the 'Drachenburg' and 'Drachenfels' their names. In the Seven Hills Saga, he named 'Fafnir' like the dragon of the 'Song of the Nibelungs', an epic poem written around 1200 in Middle High German. But other dragons were also invented, for example 'Widumir', which will have his own song by DRAGONTOR.


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