The aim of the project is to preserve history and culture by making them accessible to the masses – dressed in a new, modern guise.


To achieve this, music, art, poetry, history and nature are combined in a way that ties in with the listening habits and tastes of today's people.


The collected stories, legends, poems and paintings are combined into a single epic, which is called “Legends of Seven Hills” because the project was founded in the Seven Hills, Germany. Songs are composed that are framed by lyrics and illustrated by paintings. In this fantastic world, real stories, such as those of the Witch Queen of Bruchhausen, as well as fantastic ones, such as those about the dragon or the giants of the Seven Hills, are brought together.


Ruin of the Lions Castle The epic ultimately leads to the real present. Many of the stories end with the sentence: “Even today you can see the remains of what once happened here.” The Seven Hills Epic is the past of our real world, with all the legendary characters being presented as real, but not seen or forgotten by people.


Fantasy epics like “Lord of the Rings” and “Game of Thrones” have captivated millions of people, both young and old, and even those who have little interest in real history and culture. But these epics are inspired by reality. Tolkien was inspired by nordic mythology and the medieval German “Nibelungenlied” (transl. “The Song of the Nibelungs”), George R.R. Martin's “Game of Thrones” is based on the English Wars of the Roses. Our real history and mythology is in no way inferior to these fantastic worlds, on the contrary, actually. Life itself writes the best stories.


Many films and series make an important contribution to preserving culture and history. But music is much easier to take with you everywhere. The vision of the project is that people who have heard the music and read the lyrics will visit the places that are the settings of the stories and, through the music, immerse themselves in the magic and history of this places. Because then the viewer begins to see more than just what is really there.


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