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The poem "Oh wie ist es kalt geworden" by Hoffmann von Fallersleben, written around 1835, set to music and interpreted by Ariana Le Fay, accompanied by the band DRAGONTOR. Download the track on bandcamp.



Music: Ariana Le Fay, Guitar: Tommy Wozniak






THE NEW SINGLE   -  OUT 23/01/2021




Vocals: Ariana Le Fay


Guitar: Tommy Wozniak


Symphonic: Ariana Le Fay & The Seven Hills Orchestra


Lyrics: Hoffmann von Fallersleben


Composing: Ariana Le Fay



Production/Mix: Dragontor Records


Cover: Tobias Bjørkli & Ariana Le Fay



released January 23, 2021


Ⓒ all rights reserved



Oh, how it got cold, sad, desolate and empty! Harsh winds are blowing from the north and the sun is no longer shining. I want to fly to the mountains, want to see a green valley, lying between grass and flowers, enjoying the sunlight. I would like to hear the shawls and the bells of the herds, I would like to be happy outdoors while the birds are singing sweet. Beautiful spring, come again! Dear spring, come soon! Bring us flowers, leaves and songs, decorate the fields and forests again!

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